Providing services to individuals seeking to adopt a minor child or another adult, the Law Office of James E. Carpenter, has the experience you can trust.

Types of adoptions include:

  • Traditional adoption, where a married couple adopts a child as their own.
  • Single parent adoption, where a single individual adopts a child as his or her own.
  • Step Parent Adoption, where the child of one spouse is adopted by the child’s stepparent.
  • Non traditional adoption where two parties of the same sex adopt a minor child as their own.
  • Adult adoptions where one adult adopts another adult as their child.

Each type of adoption presents individual legal concerns and questions, including consideration of the rights of biological parents, possible competing claims to the custody of the minor child, and adherence to all requirements of notice and proof. James E. Carpenter has the experience you need when embarking on this joyous and momentous event. Contact the Law Office of James E. Carpenter today for assistance with your adoption.